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Our frontal lace is perfect for completing your fantasy view. Give your wig or weave style that looks natural without risking damage to your natural hair. Available in 16 "and 14" lengths, our frontal lace is made by hand and made specifically to mingle with our hair extensions. Like all our products, our frontal lace is made of virgin hair, and undergoing our quality inspection process to ensure hair according to our product standards and entirely, healthy, and beautiful.

Every few years, there seems to be a new innovative hair trend when it comes to wearing natural hair handles, wigs and extensions. The hair handles and wigs have traveled a long way in recent years only and becomes more and more harsh to say the difference between natural hair and hair extensions.

A front chest is very similar to a closure room used during the portion of wigs, weaves or hair extension. The most obvious difference between a frontal closure and a traditional closure is that the frontal surrounds the entire front zone of your temple head to the temple right at the slide, while a closure is closed only on an area of 4x4. the head.

The purpose of wearing a front-end chest is to protect the damage cornice and provide maximum versatility in hair extensions hair extensions. If you like to wear your hair removed and distant from the face, a front-chest room would be a better option than a closure.

Closures vs. Frontals

The traditional closure section is usually installed next to your hairline or wherever hair weave or wig is intended to be closed to give the illusion into your own hair. Placements can also depend on where you want to make the illusion of parts when wearing wig or hair extensions.

With traditional closure, hair extensions are installed in a style that limits your ability to use various hairstyles without hairfare or a shameful demarcation line. The closing section is usually a square or rectangle that can be placed in a small part of the head to close the hair extension or wig. The farewell area cannot be changed after the closure is installed.

Frontal haircuts allow more flexibility when arranging your hair for several reasons. Frontal is made with a silk base or lace base to mimic the scalp. It also stretches from ears to ears and hair can be separated freely to use on the middle, left, or right side. You can also pull your hair to a high bun, ponytail, or other backed hairstyles drawn without seeing as if you are wearing a wig or weaving. This is why frontal works well for women who may have thinning or bald edges because they mimic natural hairline very well.

Lace vs. Silk Base Frontals

Lace-based closures are far more popular than silk base frontals. Frontal lace really resembles your natural skin. The frontal silk base looks much less like a natural scalp and requires a lot of work and adjustments to get a more natural and realistic look.

The demarcation line is also more difficult to hide with the frontal silk base. Which means that certain hairstyles like ponytail and bread may be more difficult to do without looking unrealistic. This is why many women choose to go with frontal lace, especially women colors because the frontal base of silk is usually too bright to match the skin.

Frontal lace seems to be the most popular trend in hair extensions and began to replace traditional sewing methods to install bundled hair and hair extensions. Most women prefer this method because it imitates the hairline more natural without hair looks like a wig or weaving the actual hair. Many frontal even built with baby hair to give a more natural appearance.

Other popular trends in frontal hair parts are 360 lace frontal. Instead of stretching from the temple to the temple like the frontal hair part, the frontal 360 lace stretches throughout the head around the head gives you a complete natural hairline along your head. 360 Lace Frontal Hacle is also designed to significantly reduce the installation time and function as closure for the stitched hairstyle, or can be worn-own.

How to Install a Frontal Hair Piece

Frontal is intended to be pinned but can also be installed using other methods. It can be sewn into anchor braids in your natural hair, glued to the hairline, with elastic tape, or can be secured on the hairline using a special lace ribbon. Some people even wear their frontals without glue or product to be held.

Installing Frontal lace with a hair extension can greatly reduce the amount of time needed to install the full extension head. The usual time is needed to install an extension head full of lace closure of about an hour.

Using Glue to Secure the Frontal

The best method to install fronts is to adhere to the hair line with glue. This is because most borders come with a natural hair line that is intended to cover and give the illusion of being your true line of hair. The front must be lined first with your natural hair before being assured at your head. The benefits of using the glue method to secure your front is that it can last up to 2 weeks before you need a retouching. The disadvantage is that it can make your edges turn thin and even result in hair loss around the hair line. It is recommended that you discuss your health and hair styles with your stylist.

Various Parts:

Closure comes in various parts for your style needs. Some closure parts in one direction and others are part of several ways. The main type of part is the middle part and side. Also for those of you who cannot decide there is a free section closure that allows you to separate your closure in various ways.

There are also various textures of straight, wavy, curly to direct you to reach almost all the styles you want with a naturally look.


Securing the Frontal with Tape

Using special lace or ribbon wigs is the second most popular method for placing frontal haircuts. This is an easy method you can do at home and only need a few minutes to install. Lace or wig tape as much as Lace Glue wig but hair may not lie down as flat. Also note that if the recording is not installed correctly, it can shine through lace.

The Elastic Band Method

The elastic method is the latest method used to install the frontals. It secures frontal to hair without a product or glue and can last for some time. The band is measured at the size of your head and sewn to the frontal so it matches the entire head. This band allows frontal to lie naturally without having to worry about certain products that cause damage to your hairline. The elastic tape method used to install frontal is not recommended for those who are susceptible to headaches and migraines.

Frontal haircut is perfect when protective style with wigs, weaving or extensions. They provide your hair extensions that are more natural appearance while giving your own hair from styling. Frontals lets you make a hairstyle that you usually can't achieve when using ordinary closure. We offer frontal in each of our six textures. For more information connect with us in Chat and we can help you specify the frontal which is right for you.


If you want coverage in your front hairline, our frontal hair extension is a very good choice. They are made of 100% human hair remy. We recommend bangs Clip-in and suburban hair extensions. They covered uneven hair lines quickly and with fuller coverage. You will get a pony that can be adjusted that is lightweight, comfortable. They also look completely natural and will blend well with our natural hair. Bangs Clip-in We are one of the best styles in this category. It offers a slightly larger base than other clip-in bangs, which gives you extra coverage and makes blending less than a challenge. Some bases are also monofilament, which is unique to clip-in bangs. If you need coverage along your area, we recommend our top clip-in pieces with a small base they add seamless coverage and extra fullness, disguise thinning hair or hair loss. Because these pieces have a smaller base, they are very light and comfortable. They also give the look of natural hair. It offers a base that is slightly thinner than traditional top part so it's hard to detect. These top pieces may be small but they offer extraordinary results!