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SSR hairoffer convincing custom closures, frontal, fringes...Natural not detected to blend with individual density, curl, color ... and if you look carefully at the hairline ... it looks like individual hair grows from the scalp.


  • 100 % Indian Human Hair
  • Monofilament closure
  • Lace closure
  • Silk closure
  • All textures straight, wavy, curly

SSR hair vendor provide a collection of human hair closure for our customers throughout the nation. The proposed human hair is made using the most refined quality materials with high-tech techniques in accordance with the standards of the trend trend. Available in different varieties, our supplied product is widely preferred across the country. In addition, we also provide this product at authentic costs. We are manufacturer of the closure of Indian human hair, lace closures, closing your size, silk closure in all different textures such as straight, a body wave, curly, deep curly bursish curly.

SSR hairclosures the first direct exit of the human hair extensions and wigs in India, India with a factory direct retail store in Chennai. Our promise is to offer the highest quality human hair, with the widest variety of hair extensions and wig products, at direct factory prices to stylists and customers in India. We exported and sold hair around the world and we understood that hair extensions and high quality wigs were non-existent in India. We have received numerous surveys on the provision of professional hair extensions and human hair wigs of our customers and have decided to open a retail place offering both human hair extensions to customers and Professional hair extensions and wigs to stylists or lounge owners.

SSR Human Hair Lace Closure Manufacturer offer the widest range of professional human hair extensions in India and India. We manufacture permanent hair extensions such as bodywork, hand weaving, lace closures, lace fronts, 360 fronts, drawn bulk hair, double loose hair, a men's hair patch and semi-permanent hair extensions such as keratin tips / mergers, micro-rings / loops, tape ins, caps of caps and temporary hair extensions such as clips ins, clip in volumors, the clip In horse tails, hair extensions in halo, trails and a non-surgical hair replacement for men. Everything is available in our factory and retail location for stylists and guests to touch and feel the variety of human hair extensions and wigs before buying.

There are so many types of hair extensions and pieces and closures is one of them. Closure allows end protection for your hair. They fully cover your scalp making them become a great protective style!

When it comes to partial weaving, sew-ins, and even with some types of hair wigs are left to blend with weaving and covering the track. These styles are not always protected entirely as closure because they cover all your hair while still letting your woven look like it comes out of your scalp.

Closure is amazing and we want to make sure you find the right one for you and know everything about them! From the closure type to installation, pros and cons, let's go all you need to know about closure.

What Are Closures?

Closure is a full hair attachment coverage that protects your natural hair. They can be added to your sewing or wig. Unlike the track, it sticks to the lace base which allows it to have an scalp like a resemblance.

The base imitates the scalp and consists of a piece of lace fabric with many single hair strands installed. They come in various sizes but usually comes in a square or rectangular shaped section usually around four times four.

They are ideal for anyone who wants full coverage

Types Of Closures

Just like there are various types of extensions and frontals there are various types of closures. Closure varies from parts, size, color, and even type of hair and texture.

Let's look at this variation that is more profound. After this, you will be able to find out all of your options when it comes to closure.

Different Types of Bases

There are two types of bases in terms of closure. One of them is the closure of the silk base and the other is the base closure of the lace. The benefit of the silk base is usually more durable so that it can hold time test. This closure tends to be slightly thicker causing it to lie a little less flat than the closure of the lace. You are most likely having to color the basis for reaching the scalp.

The other type of base is the base closure of lace. Lace closure has a more appearance like a scalp.

To maximize your results, you must do a lot of adjustments and tweaks when it comes to customization similar to what you will do with the frontal lace. Like frontal lace, you can whiten the node of lace closure. You want to make sure you do this carefully and right so you don't mess up your closure.

Keep in mind that if the base is transparent, the part will be any color below. If your scalp under your part will be your scalp color, the same thing applies to if your lid or hair below it. So, if your hair is below your closure green and closure you are black, you might want to wear a wig hat and color the part with a concealer and the foundation to make the scalp colored part.

Various Parts:

Closure comes in various parts for your style needs. Some closure parts in one direction and others are part of several ways. The main type of part is the middle part and side. Also for those of you who cannot decide there is a free section closure that allows you to separate your closure in various ways.

There are also various textures of straight, wavy, curly to direct you to reach almost all the styles you want with a naturally look.


  • Tangle free
  • Smooth texture
  • Natural shine

Lace Closure

Soft lace closure with soft waves, Lurung shake, curly and curly curls that are cilil, the complement is ideal for your full head woven. Genuine hair that can be easily formed and arranged according to your needs. You sew the lace closure at the top of your head or side of your hair to make your look look more natural. The front consists of a hand knitted hair net for a lifetime scalp. Net is cut after an application that makes it easy to make sure it follows your hairline.

Need to Know about the Lace Closure:

Increasing your hair length is a surefire way to improve your appearance. This is why hair extensions are quite popular lately. The problem is that hair extensions can be complicated to use, especially for the first timer. Hair extensions are often attached to using methods such as fusion or weaving, but this can cause damage to the hair and can make the wearer feel uncomfortable. Fortunately, the closure of lace is sold by shops such as their hair companies provide a convenient way to use hair extensions.

Using a Closure:

Indian lace closure also happens to be easy to use, although it is best you have a professional install it. All they have to do is braid your hair in a neat cornrows, then apply your original hair closure. You have several options in attaching it: Record, attach, or sew it. Adhesives and recordings can be done alone, but they can have negative results such as interesting your hair if they are placed inappropriately. The sewing will need help of others, but will be less pressure on your hair. The lace closure applied correctly will almost not be distinguished from natural hair.

Advantages of Using a Closure:

Lace closure is actually more a haircut. Hair extensions are integrated into a lace and lace that is what is placed on your hair. There are several benefits to using closure. For one, it makes your own natural hair. For example, the traditional hair extensal attachment method involves the use of hot irons to combine the tip of the hair to the extension, or weave it to your hair right now. These methods can put a lot of tension in your natural hair and can cause hair loss. Lace closure is not directly attached to your hair, which means the pressure on your hair is not as bad.

Another advantage of using lace closure is to look natural. Using non-closure hair extensions, you might experience some difficulties because your natural hair can look piercing extensions, so aside the hairstyle that requires you to separate your hair. With closure, lace looks like your natural scalp in the distance.

Hair That Looks Natural:

After the closure is installed, you can arrange your hair in various ways. You still have to take care of your extension; Be gently in style so that the closure will not be pulled too much to damage it. With the right styling and quality lace closure, you can look great without a commotion.