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SSR hair is your source for the best quality Indian virgin hair available.

SSR hair is one of the largest direct manufacturers and global distributors of premium Indian human hair. With factories in India. SSR can offer you direct access to the best quality human hair offered by India.

Hair extensions have become high fashion accessories used by women throughout the world. Human hair is traditionally become a market dominated by European hair; However, with the entry of cheaper and quality alternatives such as Indian hair, the market has shifted. Indian human hair extensions are known as the best quality of available human hair.

SSR hair source of hair from the temple, cut and salon in India. With more than 30 years of experience in providing human hair products, (SSR) is able to meet the needs of its customers and continue to follow new human hair trends and technology.

Our premium products are available for individual buyers, salon chains, cosmetic / beauty distributors and retailers of all sizes. Whether you are just looking for products for yourself, you are a brand hair or reseller of a well-established hair or what SSR appears is your "One Stop" shop for the most beautiful human hair on the market.

We buy large amounts of human hair from Indian temples and reset the hair we sell to our customers.We have a very comprehensive 3-tier quality inspection process ensuring you receive premium products free of imperfections.

We can develop products for our customers (only wholesale orders).We offer full customer support throughout the purchase process and set all customer executive accounts to manage their needs.We have discounts on places for each business level.

We specialize in 100% Virgin Human Hair India but offers 13 standard colors. Our natural products are available for immediate delivery in the United States. We export our products throughout the world and offer a variety of food feed, hand, bulk, bulk, frontals, cover, pre-bonded tips, and my tips.


  • Durable
  • 100% tangle free
  • Flexible
  • Naturally thick
  • Lustrous appearance
  • Available in different length and colors
  • Easy to use
  • Designed for different styling
  • Unmatched quality
  • Hygienically processed
  • Available in various sizes


We maintain cleanliness and quality in all our human hair sets. Therefore we get this hair from Indian temples that have been washed before several times. To provide our clients qualitative range human hair products wig, straight human hair drawn, double-drawn human hair and many more we remove unwanted and shorter hair that returns through post-washing procedures where all fleas and nitse separated from themselves heart. After this we use only suitable hair that is cut further into various sizes according to our client's specifications. We serve the needs of human hair customers to large fashion industries, according to the right specifications. Human hair is a natural product, our manual processing mechanism is suitable for producing the best quality.


We have ultra modern infrastructure and a complete manufacturing unit spread in a large area of 10000 square feet. Because our latest manufacturing unit, we are able to produce large quantities of human hair ranges, namely 1tonne per month. The manufacturing unit is equipped with all important tools and machines that help us produce human hair under strict quality control steps. All of our products are processed by skilled workers except for our various machine feed products.


We offer a variety of human hair that is qualitatively such as hair wigs, feed hair, micro feed hair, white hair and blonde hair throughout the world. We process various human hair with a sophisticated mechanism, to produce human hair that is hygienically processed. Hair has been washed earlier several times hacked, combed, sorted, washed, and dried under the sun. Next, we delete all short and unwanted hair and cut it into various sizes ranging from 6 "-40" inches. Furthermore, every size that might be adopted to separate fleas and nits from hair makes them safe and qualitative products for final use. Our quality inspector does several tests based on the following parameters:

  • Hygiene
  • Lustre
  • Texture
  • Appearance
  • Thickness
  • Strand Strength
  • Flexibility


Our company is supported by high qualified professionals who do not leave the stone missed in helping companies meet the target set. Teams consist of processing personnel, quality controllers, hair experts, sales and marketing personnel who have rich industrial experience in their respective fields that help us to produce various wigs of our hair, human hair remy brakes straight hair and twitch pulling remy hair according to International standards. Our talented designers make difficult efforts at our facilities to process the best in human hair. Our workforce is also quite capable that helps provide special solutions to our clients according to their specifications and requirements. Furthermore, we arrange training sessions for our skilled workers to improve their skills and talents and make them aware of the latest market trends.


We have a broad client base not only in India but also in the United States, Belgium, Spain, Canada and Brazil because we are able to serve our various human hair according to client's specifications and needs. Our human hair circuits such as hair wigs, micro feed, white hair, blonde hair and many more are required broadly in the fashion and film industry. We ensure timely delivery of consignment, customization and compliance with quality control steps so as to provide total customer satisfaction. Furthermore, our quality controller conducts several direct tests of the procurement of raw materials from the market to final delivery shipping. Apart from this we offer our clients payment mode is easy to do a bother-free transaction with us included; Draft cash and request.

WhySSR Industry for Hair Products?

There are many reasons to choose from various human hair throughout the world. Some of them are:

  • Reasonable pricing
  • Unmatched quality
  • Competent team
  • Timely delivery
  • Vast industrial experience
  • Ethical business dealings
  • Sound infrastructure
  • Wide distribution network